The Worldwide Video Gaming industry generates in excess of $93 billion per year according to the “Gartner, Inc: The State of the Game Market 2014.” Most of this revenue is through the sale of hardware, software and advertising associated with video and online games.

The GAMEREVZ business model exploits the fact that gamers can experience a new and exciting game without having to purchase the expensive equipment and software associated with a high quality gaming experience. A computer or console that is able to truly capture and show off the programming expertise and high quality of presentation produced by game software developers requires high-end machines with special graphics and sound components as well as other costly hardware prerequisites. These machines are often prohibitively expensive and the online gaming fan is relegated to a sub-optimal gaming experience on his affordable but medium to low-end computer at home, but not with GAMEREVZ and how it has positioned itself within the marketplace.

Another factor that is key to the success of the GAMEREVZ model is the fact that all games are far more enjoyable when played in groups. The “challenge” factor in group games and sports is the most powerful driving forces within the online gaming industry. The camaraderie and sense of satisfaction and achievement that is derived from playing in teams or groups has become a well-established form of entertainment online around the world. The GAMEREVZ business model plays favorably to this group dynamic, resulting in a proven, profit-generating business with low investment and low operating cost. The huge market potential and virtually instant return on investment for these entertainment venues is evident from its phenomenal growth rate in both the United States and abroad.

This business model therefore seeks to set up GAMEREVZ’s custom gaming “maps” using established, popular online games with huge followings such as Fortress 2.

Our custom “maps” with our patent pending incentive-based rewards and acknowledgment program will maximize the potential profits earned from every player every minute he or she is playing within our exclusive gaming environments.